Florida Crayfish Pairs

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  • $12.00

  • Procambarus alleni
  • Size: 2 inch body 
  • Sex: Sold as pairs (1 male & 1 female)

Florida Crayfish are good for aquaponics if you prefer to keep crustaceans rather than fish, or in a home species aquarium. 

In an aquaponics system they will scavenge the bottom for food, helping to keep your system clean. They are easy to breed and are edible. They do eat plants so if you do keep them, you need to take precautions as you would with tilapia.

In home aquaria Florida Crayfish will not molest fish larger than they are or fish that are too quick for them to catch. Large, aggressive fish species will see crayfish as food, so be aware of the possibility that your crayfish may be eaten  if you keep species such as Oscars or Dempseys. Florida Crayfish are highly entertaining and their antics make them very interesting to keep. We are aware of many people that keep them in species show tanks by themselves. Do not introduce them to any fish tank with live plants as they will consume all your plants.

These crayfish require hard water as it helps them grow their shells. They are omnivorous and will eat almost anything they can find.

Price is for one pair of crayfish. (Two individual animals: one male, one female.)