Blue Tilapia Care Sheet

  • Family: Cichlidae 
  • Subfamily: Pseudocrenilabrinae
  • Tribe: Tilapiini 
  • Genus: Oreochromis 
  • Species: O. aureus 

This is based on my option and my experience at my commercial farm.

  • Water Temp: 72-90F – 45F is lethal for blue tilapia, best breeding temperature is around 80F. 
  • PH: 7-9
  • Food: 1-3 inch- Flake Food, 3 inch up appropriate size pellet 
  • Max size- 16 inch 5 pounds 

Tilapia are a VERY hardy fish and can tolerate a wide rage of water conditions. They will start breeding around 4-5 inches in size. They will need pipes/hides to promote breeding.

  • My water parameters as of 06/07/17 (Deep Well Water)

CO2= 16mg/L
H2S= 0
CACO3=140 mg/L

My feed I use at my farm-
Wordley Tropical Fish Flake Food (Fry- 3 inch+/-)
Cargill 4010 Floating Pellets (3 inch +)

  • Acclimating- 
  1. Float your unopened in the water that they will introduced to 
  2. Air line/stone 
  3. Open bag and insert airline or pour into a container with airline 
  4. Add tank water (1 cup +/- ) to adjust them to your PH 
  5. Repeat #4 every 5-10 mins for 30 minutes 
  6. Net them out of the water and add them to your tank. (DO NOT ADD SHIPPING WATER TO YOU SYSTEM)

  • Cycling your tank: I know you hear this all the time but it is very important to have your tank cycled before introducing your new tilapia.
  • Hides: 4-6 Inch PVC pipes (for breeding)
  • Tank Mates: Bottom Dwellers like catfish (of similar size)
  • Crayfish- (Red Claws and Native Crayfish)  Other similar size cichlids