Freshwater Clams Care Sheet

  • Freshwater Filtering Clams 
  • Family: Cyrenidae 
  • Genus: Corbicula
  • Species: C. fluminea 
  • Water Temp: 65-85F
  • PH: 6.5-8.5 
  • Max Size: 2 inch 

Filtering Clam do best in established systems where the water parameters are stable. They filter the debris out of the water column, algae and uneaten food. They keep the water clean it help with water parameters and water clarity.

Clams like to burrow into the substrate but they can be keep on bare bottom tanks. If a clam dies it needs to be removed immediately because it will case the water quality do diminish quickly.

When you receive your order all the clams should be closed, you will see no activity. If their shell is open you should remove them from your tank immediately.

  • My water parameters as of 06/07/17 (Deep Well Water)
CO2= 16mg/L
H2S= 0
CACO3=140 mg/L

  • Acclimating- 
  1. Float your unopened in the water that they will introduced to 
  2. Air line/stone 
  3. Open bag and insert airline or pour into a container with airline 
  4. Add tank water (1 cup +/- ) to adjust them to your PH 
  5. Repeat #4 every 5-10 mins 
  6. Net them out of the water and add them to your tank. (DO NOT ADD SHIPPING WATER TO YOU SYSTEM)