Rainbowfish Care Sheet

This is based on my option and my experience at my commercial farm.

Water Temp: 70-76F – 62F is the lowest I’ve had them in during winter
PH: 6.5-7.8
Food: High Quality Flake Food  

Rainbows are a very hardy fish and are a good choose for beginners. They can handle a wide range of water as long as it stable. Rainbows will thrive in a planted tank and some are 
shrimp safe. .Hardness doesn't matter as much as temp as they are found in extremely soft and hard waters depending on the seasonal changes.

My water parameters as of 06/07/17 
3/4 RO Water and 1/4 Well water (I have very hard water)
H2S= 0

  • Acclimating- 
  1. Float your unopened in the water that they will introduced them to for 5-10mins
  2. Air line/stone 
  3. Open bag and insert airline or pour into a container with airline 
  4. Pure for tank water into the bag with the rainbows so they can acclimate to the PH. Pour a cup of water in ever 5 mins of about 30mins. 
  5. Net them out of the water and add them to your tank. (DO NOT ADD SHIPPING WATER TO YOU SYSTEM)
  • Cycling your tank: I know you hear this all the time but it is very important to have your tank cycled before introducing your new rainbows.