Algae Cleaner Package

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Easy, economical and a sustainable way to control algae in your aquaponics system. We have all had our fights controlling algae in our aquaponics system, plants need sunlight and that lets the algae get out of control. Freshwater clams and green nerite snail are the best that I have found to help improve water quality.

Green Nerite Snails- They are by far the best algae eating snail that I have even seen and they are plant safe. They will not eat your roots or plants in your growbed. 

Freshwater Filtering Clams- Filter feeders at it best. 24/7 filtering your water of impurities and striping the water of algae. 

Please make sure you don't have copper in your system, snails and clams can NOT handle any copper. 

55gal package- 10 Jumbo Clams and 10 green nerite snails

100gal package- 18 Jumbo Clams and 25 green nerites

275gal package- 50 Jumbo Clams and 100 green nerites 

500gal package- 100 Jumbo Clams and 300 green nerites 

Custom Package based on your system and needs, please contact me with your specifications. CONTACT ME

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