Australian Red Claw Crayfish Craylings

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 Most are 1.0 in this batch. A few may have a missing claw but not both. 

  • Cherax quadricarinatus
  • Size: .75 - 1.0 inch 
  • Sex: Unsexed 


For Purchasers in Florida: Please be aware that sale of these animals to purchasers in Florida is RESTRICTED by LAW. If you reside in Florida or are purchasing these animals to be shipped to an address inside of Florida, you MUST provide your Florida Aquaculture License number or your sale CANNOT be made.

Grow your own Red Claw Crayfish / Freshwater Lobsters!

These are premium quality Red Claw Craylings. They are our flagship product! 100% tank raised and available YEAR ROUND, they are fully acclimated to tank environments. They can survive and thrive in almost all aquaponics systems or breeding facilities.

In aquaponics systems, these crayfish do not harm your plants or their sensitive roots. They can be monocultured or even polycultured with tilapia or any fish species that cannot fit the craylings in their mouth. Red claws will not attack your fish, and are therefore safe to keep with fish that you are raising for consumption.

If you are raising these craylings for human consumption, you are in for a treat. They grow very quickly if fed properly and can be harvested in about six months. Maximum size for Red Claws is about a pound and a half (males), although most people harvest them sooner. They taste like Maine Lobster crossed with Alaskan Snow Crab.

Tampa Aquaculture is certified by the State of Florida as an aquaculture facility and all of our Red Claws are raised and certified for human consumption.  This is important for those of you that want to make sure that the food you raise and feed your family is of the highest quality.

For those of you that wish to breed Red Claws, these craylings will begin breeding at 6 months of age and will breed 4 times per year if you provide them with the proper conditions to do so.

For information about how to keep red claws, please read our articles about them.

For information about how to successfully keep any aquatic organism, especially if you are a beginner, please read our articles about backyard aquaculture.

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