Australian red claw crayfish Juveniles Pair

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  • Cherax quadricarinatus
  • Size: 2 inches +/-
  • Sex 1 male & 1 female 


For Purchasers in Florida: Please be aware that sale of these animals to purchasers in Florida is RESTRICTED by LAW. If you reside in Florida or are purchasing these animals to be shipped to an address inside of Florida, you MUST provide your Florida Aquaculture License number or your sale CANNOT be made.

Grow your own Red Claw Crayfish / Freshwater Lobsters!

These are premium quality Red Claw Crayfish. 100% tank raised, they are fully acclimated to tank environments. They can survive and thrive in almost all aquaponics systems or breeding facilities.

This pair of crayfish are for people looking to obtain future broodstock for crayfish breeding. You are guaranteed to receive one male and one female. Upon arrival and acclimation in your tanks they will begin breeding in about 3 to 4 months time. 

Red Claw Crayfish females produce 10 eggs per gram of weight. Fully grown female Red Claws weigh approximately 300 grams, so once fully grown you can expect this pair to produce somewhere around 3,000 eggs four times per year.

Once the female produces eggs, if they are kept in proper conditions, you can expect them to hatch in 30 to 45 days.

We guarantee that your Australian Red Claw pair will arrive alive and in prime condition. 

Price is for one PAIR of crayfish (2 animals total): One male & One female. 

For information about how to keep red claws, please read our articles about them.

For information about how to successfully keep any aquatic organism, especially if you are a beginner, please read our articles about backyard aquaculture.


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