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Blue Tilapia Breeding Group (Oreochromis aureus)
Size: 5-10 inch +

Blue Tilapia breeder groups. These fish are already breeding size. If your water parameters and temperatures are correct, once these fish acclimate to their new environment they will begin breeding. Blue Tilapia are prolific breeders and a breeding group will rapidly produce significant quantities of fry.

For people who have never bred Tilapia before, please note that Tilapia are mouth brooders. The mother fish will keep her eggs and small fry in her mouth until they are large enough to swim and exist without her help. If it looks like she is eating her eggs, do not be alarmed, she is just scooping them up into her mouth for safekeeping.

If you are raising Tilapia for food, we recommend that you keep your breeder group separate from the fish that you are growing out for food. That way, overcrowding and competition does not interfere with your production of fingerlings. Once your breeder group spawns and you see fry, wait until they grow to fingerling size. Then, transfer the fingerlings to your grow out tanks.

 These fish are of premium quality, in excellent health, and ready to go.

 Please choose the size of your breeding group in the dropdown box. If the quantity you want isn't listed, try using the quantity box to multiply your selected group. 


Due to the size of these fish and their quantity, next day or same day service is the only way we will ship breeder Blue Tilapia. 

Shipping for 1 male & 2 females may be shipped UPS Overnight or Airport to Airport.

Airport to Airport. We ship with Southwest Airline Cargo and Delta Airline Cargo. You will pickup your fish at the cargo office, we will send you the airway bill and schedule once the fish are shipped.

Airport to Airport service is same day service in most cases.

If you have any questions please contact us. Fish shipped in this manner are guaranteed to arrive alive and in good condition.

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