Blue Tilapia Fingerlings 3 inch

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Blue Tilapia Fingerlings
Size: 3-4 inch +/-
Sex: Unsexed (mixed)

Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) are the perfect aquaponics or backyard pond & aquaculture fish. They tolerate a wide range of water conditions (making them easy to keep), will reproduce in summer months, and once they reach a harvestable size are a great table fish.

Blue Tilapia fingerlings will filter feed algae from the water of your pond or aquaponics system. As such they are beneficial in helping maintain your water quality. If your pond is slightly green, Blue Tilapia will feed upon the algae suspended in the water column. Regular feedings will help them grow quicker during warm weather months. If you will raise them in an area where the temperature drops below 50°F., please note that the fish must be provided with a heater or you must take them indoors. These fish cannot tolerate temperatures much below 50°F and they WILL die if exposed to temperatures of 45°F or lower.

Please be aware that these fish are voracious eaters of plant matter, so if your pond has ornamental water plants, you may want to segregate the plants from Blue Tilapia. This is a primary concern in aquaponics. If you allow the Tilapia access to your plants, they will rapidly eat the roots. The solution to this is to keep Blue Tilapia in a separate pond or container and use a pump to circulate water from their tank to your plant grow beds. This is an easy solution given the many benefits of Tilapia in an aquaponics setting.

These Blue Tilapia Fingerlings are of excellent quality and are a good size for pond stocking or stocking your aquaponics system.

We are certified by the State of Florida as an aquaculture facility. All of our Blue Tilapia are raised and certified for human consumption.

For information about keeping Tilapia, especially if you are a beginner, please read our articles on backyard aquaculture.

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