Freshwater Filtering Clams

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  • Corbicula fluminea
  • Size: Jumbo 1-1/4 inch +/-
  • Filtering Clams 

Freshwater Filtering Clams, also known as Golden Clams or Good Luck Clams are highly efficient plankton and algae eaters. They will strip your water of nuisance algae and clear it up almost overnight! These clams do best in ponds or environments where they can dig into the substrate. They hide during the day and open up at night when they filter feed on particulates in your water. 

These clams have difficulty tolerating freezing temperatures, so if you have significant low temperatures in your ponds or tanks, you may need to provide them with a heater or bring them indoors into a garage. 

If you are placing them in a pond, be aware that given proper conditions these clams can and do reproduce quickly. Single individuals can even self reproduce.  


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